CADE Clinic Client Review Meeting.The CADE Clinic provides expert assessment of mood and anxiety disorders, in particular bipolar disorder and major depression. Affiliated to the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital, the CADE Clinic also conducts research and provides education and training.


What does CADE stand for?

The acronym CADE stands for Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation. The CADE Clinic also shares its name with John Cade, an Australian physician who made a pioneering discovery and significantly advanced the management of mood disorders.

What does the clinic do?

The CADE Clinic assesses individuals with mood and anxiety disorders. The main objective of the clinic is to improve clinical care and therefore it provides clinicians with detailed clinical assessments with respect to diagnosis and offers expert advice as regards treatment. The CADE clinic provides advice regarding diagnoses and management of mood disorders solely for clinical purposes. It does not provide assessments for legal purposes.

The Clinic also provides support through education and training and offers individuals an opportunity to be involved in treatment trials of novel agents. In addition, the Clinic conducts research into mood disorders using sophisticated  methodologies and the latest technologies. 

Who is the clinic for?

The CADE Clinic is for:

  • adults (from 18 to 65 years) and

How do I get an appointment?

CADE Clinic   Office

To be assessed in the CADE Clinic you will need a referral letter from a doctor. This can be your general practitioner or a psychiatrist or another medical specialist. The referral letter should outline your main concerns and provide a brief account of your medical history and medication. If you are worried about symptoms of mood or anxiety or have been diagnosed as having depression, bipolar disorder or an anxiety disorder, you may, in consultation with your general practitioner or psychiatrist, seek a specialist opinion and request a referral.

Appointments are offered on Tuesday or Thursday mornings only. At this time, we are unable to offer appointments on other days.

To make a request for an appointment fax your referral to the CADE Clinic Manager on 9926 4063.   


Attendance will be bulk-billed to Medicare for individuals entitled to Medicare or Department of Veterans of Affairs benefits.  There is no cost to the patient.

What can I expect when I attend the CADE Clinic?

When you make an appointment, you will be sent some questionnaires to complete and bring with you to your appointment. These questionnaires will help provide the clinic with information about your problems.

On the day of your appointment you will be seen by a psychiatrist and other members of the clinical staff. Following this, the clinical team will meet to decide how you best may be helped and will then discuss with you their recommendations. The appointment will take approximately three hours. 

To make a request for an appointment send a FAX to the CADE Clinic Manager on 9926 4063 and the Cliinc will follow up with a phone call when an appointment becomes avaiable. 



    CADE Clinic Brochure (print off double sided and fold into thirds)